The Ideal Puppy Proposals

prop1 1 768x510 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

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Here comes one of the most emotional moments for every girl and the most anxious of times for every guy – the proposal. If you are stuck in Google for weeks, looking for the most original way to propose, do not get depressed that all those guys seem way more creative than you. I am sure they have copied from another article like this one.

Girls, you can always find a way to delicately drop a hint about how you would like this moment to look like. For example, share this article on his wall! That is so not straightforward!

But if one thing is for sure, puppies are the best way to commit to each other because the love you’ll have for it is about to connect you on a whole new level. Well, at least until the babies come…

Have a glimpse at 11 moving moments, captured to always remind you of that day.

  1. 1 Well, basically I asked but he got all the credits...

    prop3 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

  2. 2 Mom, I think I have somethink on my collar!

    prop2 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

  3. 3 Do I get to eat extra now?

    prop7 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

  4. 4 Hurry up, dad, before I sneeze!

    prop10 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

  5. 5 He promised to vacuum too!

    prop5 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

  6. 6 Is that a cookie on my nose? Mom? Did you just say yes?

    prop4 - The Ideal Puppy Proposals

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