Pet Mat

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If you are looking for the perfect travel bed for your dog, be sure to consider a dog mat. They are so easy to carry and move around and always provide your dog a familiar place no matter where you go.

When you are home, your dog's favorite room of the house is the room you're in! If you are cooking, your dog wants to be hanging out in the kitchen too.  If your watching TV, your dog wants to be there too.  

If you're sipping lemonade on the front porch... yep, Fido wants to be there too.  Since flat mats are so easy to move around, people love to have some for the house.  If you know dinner is going to take a while to make, bring along the dog mat and give your furry buddy a comfy spot to lounge.

Product Info:
Material: Plush 
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Rose, Grid, Leopard
Size: Available in ( S ), ( M ), ( L ), ( XL )