Portable Pet Playpen

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Your little ones will love this Portable Pet Playpen. While they run around and have fun in a safe and contained environment, you can keep an eye on them through the mesh screens on the sides and removable mesh top.

Setting up the unit and tearing it down is simple and takes a few short seconds; no tools required. With the included travel tote, you can bring this with on all of your trips to provide your pet with a contained play area wherever you go.

The storage compartments on the side allow you to keep your pet's toys and supplies all within reach whenever they are needed. No more worrying about accidents or carpet stains either.

Treat your pet to the playpen they want, nay, the playpen they deserve with this easy to maintain Portable Pet Playpen!

Size: ( M )- 28.74" x 28.74" x 16.92" ( 73 cm x 73 cm x 43 cm )  
          ( L ) - 35.82" x 35.82" x 22.83"  ( 91 cm x 91 cm 58 cm )