23 Unbelievable Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Dogs deserve the best — they’re extensions of our family, are endlessly entertaining and are so loyal.

They also deserve the best when it comes to Halloween costume ideas.

There are so many different dog breeds, and each one offers unique costume potential.

If you’re a dog owner, you probably have more fun dressing up your K-9 pal than finding a costume for yourself. pinterest cover

1. Sherlock Holmes.

halloween costume pic

Image Via: buzzfeed

2. Rapper Dog

rapper dog halloween pic

3. Pirate ready for Halloween.

halloween dog photo

Image Via: imgur

4.Vampire dog

 vampire dog picture

5. Dog Gone Punk

halloween costume pic

Image Via: womansday

6. Ghost Dog

ghost dog photo

Image Via: buzzfeed

7. Breakfast At TIFFANY'S

princes dog pic

Image Via: cosmopolitan

8. Halloween Dog

dog costume pic

Image Via: flickr

9. Dog Parade Costume

Dog Parade Costumes

Image Via: funpeep

10. Golden Lion

golden lion picture

11. Star Wars Dog Costume

 amazing dog costume pic

Image Via: cutedogandcat

12. Sewer monsters are real.

dog crocodile pic

Image Via: boredomtherapy

13. Adorable Dog Costume

adorable dog costume pic

Image Via: imgur

14. What's Cooking

 amazing dog costume photo

15. Oh Hot Ram

cute costume pic

16. Star War Dog Costume

star wars dog pic

Image Via: funpeep

17. German Shepherd in Star Wars

german shepherd costume pic

18. Pope Puggle

papa dog picture

Image Via: dogster

19. Cute Little Devil

devil dog costume pic

Image Via: flickr

20. Cowboy Dog

cute little costume pic

Image Via: flickr

21. Amazinggggg

scary dog costume pic

Image Via: flickr

22. Frog Dog

little dog frog pic

23. Pumpkin Dog Princess

pumpkin dog pic

Image Via: funpeep

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