18 Things Only Yorkie Moms Will Understand

1. They Hate To Cuddle.

Adorable Yorki

Image Via: flickr

2. They Have Menacing Eyes.

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3. Totally Evil.

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4. Just Look This Yorkshire Terrier!

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5. But This Winter Snow Just Keeps On Coming!

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6. “Well, it has spiky hair like me, therefore, I must cuddle it.”

7. I’ll Stay Right Here.

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8. They Take Your Stuff Without Asking.

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9. They Hate Napping.



10. Faking It. Whatever.

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11. They Ruin All Of Your Happy Moments.

12. What Are They Doing In Your Car?

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13. They Love Picking On Smaller Birds.

14. That Means You Can’t Take Them Outside.

15. No More Strolls In The Park For You.

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16. Worst Of All, They’re "Ugly".

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17. Really, Really "Ugly".

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18. Now Who’d Love A Dog Like This?

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  • My Moses was attacked by a large dog. He did not survive. I miss him every day my heart breaks


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