7 Strange Dog Behaviors: Now Explained By Scientists!

7 strange dog behaviors now explained 768x512 - 7 Strange Dog Behaviors: Now Explained By Scientists!

The sound of happy paws is one of my favorite sounds when I come home after a long day. And I’m sure my dog is as thrilled to see me as I am to see him. 

But what is he actually thinking about when I open the door and walk in? Is he simply excited about dinner coming up or is it about the real attachment he feels about me?

We have looked up the topic to find some scientific explanation of this behavior. What we found is super interesting and answers our questions about 7 strange yet typical for each dog behaviors. 

Julie Hecht, a researcher on dogs’ behavior and Brian Hare, Associate Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology in DIBS, author of the book “The Genius of Dogs” and the podcast DogSmarts.

Here are some of the findings that Hecht, Hare and other scientists have made in relation with dogs:


  1. 1 Why Dogs Are So Excited When They Hear The Word “Walk”?

    holding a leash - 7 Strange Dog Behaviors: Now Explained By Scientists!

    Dogs such as dolphins, monkeys and parrots can learn series of sound commands or words. A Border collie named Chaser has learned more than 1000!

    Scientists say that Chaser has used the method of the Fast Map-making which is quite similar to the one that humans use to master their linguistic skills. Long story short, the word is being learnt through the object used in connection to that word. If, for example, every time you say the word “walk”, then you grab the lead and take them out, your dog can conclude that the word “walk” is related to the action of going outside.

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