7 Easy And Healthy Homemade Pumpkin Recipes For Dogs

pumpkin recipes for dogs cover

pumpkin recipes for dogs cover


These Pumpkin Dog Treats are the perfect fall cookie for your furry friends!

Pumpkin Dog Treats pic

This recipe is perfect because it combines a few super healthy ingredients and gives them a homemade treat that doesn’t have me worried about the long term results.

Pumpkin Dog Treats photo

Recipe Details: onesweetappetite


Pumpkin FroYo Bites for Dogs

I believe pumpkin is everyone’s favorite fall flavor including the dogs!Pumpkin dog treats are really easy to make and are healthy for your pup!

Pumpkin FroYo Bites for Dogs

Once the treats are completely frozen, pop them out and serve!

Pumpkin dog treats pic

 Recipe Details: irresistiblepets


Frozen Pumpkin Banana Pup Pops

They’re fast, easy and such a tasty way to cool your pup down as the days heat up. Much better for your dog than letting them share your ice-cream or sugary ice pop, right?

Pumpkin is so beneficial for your dog. It’s perfect for dogs with digestive issues.

pumpkin dog treat pic

Freeze overnight (or for a few hours if you’re making it early in the day).

Pop out of the molds and serve on a hot day!

Frozen Pumpkin Banana Pup Pops

Recipe Details: dogvills


Pumpkin Puppy Muffins

Next time when you grab a can for a special dessert for yourself make sure you whip your pup up a batch of these yummy Pumpkin Puppy Muffins.A hint of sweetness to satisfy those canine cravings, oatmeal for energy, and a little spice for great flavor makes these irresistible to your dog.

Pumpkin Puppy Muffins

When muffins have cooled store in refrigerator for up to a week or in freezer for 3 months.

Pumpkin Puppy Muffins

Recipe Details: homemadedogtreatsnow


Lola’s Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

I love these treats! They are simple and super cute.

Lola’s Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Have fun with these! Drizzle, pipe your pup’s name on them, add little designs, etc.

homemade dog treats

Recipe Details: lolathepitty


Grain-Free Pumpkin Dog Treats

If you’re at all baking or cooking with pumpkin, you’ll notice that most recipes don’t call for a whole can, which leaves you with a good amount of pumpkin that has no purpose. This recipe is perfect for that!

Grain-Free Pumpkin Dog Treats

These cookies are one bowl kinda dough thing. They’re super sticky, so be sure to flour everything very liberally.

Grain-Free Pumpkin Dog Treats

Recipe Details: acozykitchen


homemade dog treats

Recipe Details: petguide

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